About Us


Bellflower Somerset Mutual Water Company provides safe quality drinking water and trusted service to our shareholders.

The company service area occupies approximately 1943 acres, with 6,938 services, serving approximately 49,000 persons. The Company serves approximately 64% of the City. The terrain within this area is generally flat with a maximum elevation difference of 26 feet, lying on a slope running North to South, all in one pressure zone within the boundaries of the City of Bellflower.

The total production was. 5,533.86 acre-feet of water (1,803,213,814.860Gallons). The amount of well water pumped was 5519.660acre feet (1,798,586,73066 Gallons). The amount of MWD water purchased was 14.20 acre feet (4,627,084.20 Gallons). The company owns 4,312.88-acre feet of Central Basin Water Rights that can be pumped annually which is about 80% of the total water demand. The remainder of the annual water requirements is met in two ways: 1. Purchasing water from Metropolitan Water District (MWD Colorado River Water. 2. Leasing additional water rights.

Groundwater: The company has eight active wells in operation, capable of producing a total of 5,265 gallons per minute. All the wells are equipped with deep well turbine pumps that are operated on a regular basis. Each pump is housed in a building and discharges through hydropneumatic tanks prior to entering the distribution system.

Surface Water: Treated surface water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) is delivered to the distribution system through four service connections that are owned and maintained by Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company.

Distribution System: The distribution system consists of one pressure zone. The pressure ranges from 54 to 70 psi. There is approximately 66 miles of water mains ranging in size from 4 inches to a maximum of 18 inches. A two million gallon reservoir was added to our system by the purchase of the city system. Fire protection is provided through more than 836 fire hydrants. The distribution system is effectively flushed twice a year (at night) through fire hydrants. Improvements in the distribution system are made in accordance with the California Water Works Standards.