By Laws


Provisions of the California General Corporation Law Applicable

Section 1. Definitions. The term “General Corporation Law” is used in these By-Laws with the same meaning as defined in Section 100 of the Corporations Code of the State of California; and words, phrases and terms are used in these Bylaws with the same meaning as used or defined in the said General Corporation Law.

Section 2. Provisions of General Corporations Code Apply. Except in those particulars and to the extent hereinafter expressly provided for, all of the provisions (whether mandatory or permissive) of the General Corporation Law of the State of California, as now or hereafter existing, are approved, adopted, and made applicable to the Company; and whenever no express provision is contained herein with respect to any matter authorized to be regulated, fixed, or established by or in these Bylaws, it is intended to adopt and approve the statutory provisions pertaining thereto and regulating or providing for the same.

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Resolution No. 5-2015