New Water Restrictions Coming to California

Bellflower, CA- State water usage standards will be adding new restrictions by June 30,2022 as Senate Bill 606 and Assembly Bill 1668 go into effect.

Governor Jerry Brown signed both bills May of 2018. The two bills are designed to jointly overhaul California’s approach to conserving water.

Part of these bills’ requirements include the State Water Resources Control Board and the Department of Water resources establishing long-term urban water use efficiency standards before the deadline of June 30,2022. The requirements will also restrict California residents to a new standard of a 55 gallon daily limit on all indoor residential water usage through Jan. 1 2025.

water drop“Here at BSMWC, we take water conservation very seriously,” said Rick Cook, President of the BSMWC Board. “We encourage our shareholders to be environmentally conscious, and to read up on the changes that will be happening across the state over the next few years in terms of water conservation.”

 The bills aim to encourage long-term improvements in drought planning and water conservation across the state.



Founded in 1911, the Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water company services approximately 49,000 persons in the Bellflower area. The company has seven active wells in operation that produce 5,265 gallons of water every minute. Bellflower and Somerset merged in 1988 to form Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company. As a mutual water company, BSMWC is owned by the property owners in its service area who are shareholders in the entity. BSMWC is dedicated to delivering high-quality, healthy and cost-effective water for the community.

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