BSMWC to Install a new Smart Meter Water Reading System

Bellflower, CA– The Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company will be implementing a new smart meter system, effective July 2020. 

The smart msmart meter photoeter technology will provide state-of-the-art utility management with easier billing and great visibility into water usage for residents. BSMWC has already installed 1000 Beacon Badger Smart Meters as part of a pilot program that began in 2015. Smart meters are slowing being rolled out across water districts in California with the goal to increase water conservation, quickly identify water leaks, and to save money for consumers through both more efficient operations and greater visibility into water usage by patterns. 

“We are excited to be upgrading our water meters to use the latest in smart meter technology. The Board approved a pilot program in 2014 and our testing has helped confirm the right approach and hardware to implement for the future of Bellflower-Somerset,” said Rick Cook, President of the BSMWC Board. “Not only will this save money for our shareholders – our customers, but it will advance our goal to be more efficient and environmentally conscious.” 

The Beacon Badger Smart Meters ensures finer detail and provides more point in time data that is available with a single daily download information. The smart meters also broadcast data to the headquarters, reducing both the need to have a meter reader staffer walk neighborhoods and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by taking meter reader vehicles off the streets. 

The BSMWC customers will be given access to a dashboard to view their water usage data and the data will be updated every day, rather than once every other month as it is now. 

The rollout plan for installation begins in July of 2020 and will be completed in about three years replacing about 2,300 smart meter systems per year, totaling nearly 7,000 installations at the time of the project’s completion. Resident’s will be given plenty of warning about when their meter is scheduled to be replaced. The main water line to the home will be shut off for about 20 minutes while the meter is replaced at each home. Additional details about notification and coordination with out customers will be rolled out as BSMWC gets closer to the launch in July 2020. 


Founded in 1911, the Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water company services approximately 49,000 persons in the Bellflower area. The company has seven active wells in operation that produce 5,265 gallons of water every minute. Bellflower and Somerset merged in 1988 to form Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company. As a mutual water company, BSMWC is owned by the property owners in its service area who are shareholders in the entity. BSMWC is dedicated to delivering high-quality, healthy and cost-effective water for the community. 


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