BSMWC Social Media is Live

SM live photosBellflower, CA– Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company is excited to announce the launch of our new social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

“Water is the source of life and modern day conveniences. From the local coffee shop brewing activity to the bath you give your baby at night, water underpins it all,” said Steve Lenton, general manager of BSMWC. “So, our Board wanted to be with our shareholders and customers every day through social media platforms, keeping the public up to date on the happenings here at BSMWC. We hope to better connect with the people we’re here to serve.”

The launch of the BSMWC social media sites serves as a fun and simple way to stay connected with Bellflower-Somerset and will make the inside workings of the company easier for the public to understand. 

You can follow the new BSMWC accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram


Founded in 1911, the Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water company services approximately 49,000 persons in the Bellflower area. The company has seven active wells in operation that produce 5,265 gallons of water every minute. Bellflower and Somerset merged in 1988 to form Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company. As a mutual water company, BSMWC is owned by the property owners of its service area who are shareholders in the entity. BSMWC is dedicated to delivering high-quality, healthy and cost-effective water for the community. 

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